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Quality Wheels, Tyres, Tubes, and More
Shams Al Iman General Trading L.L.C.

At Shams Al Iman General Trading LLC, we specialize in providing high-quality tyres, wheels, tubes, oil, and batteries for a wide range of vehicles. Our products include TBR, PCR, OTR, LTR, Motorcycle tyres, Wheels, Tubes, Oil, and Batteries. We take pride in our commitment to innovation, research, and development, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. Our products have filled in the gap of our market, and we have developed a series of world-class tyres. We offer our own brands, including PRIMEWAY, NIXION, and Dreamway, which are designed and manufactured with high-tech tyre R&D and brand construction and development. Our products are certified by international standards, ensuring that our customers receive the best products possible. At Shams Al Iman General Trading LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and support, ensuring that they receive the best products and services possible.



GT Engine Oil

SHI Bike

SHI Vehicle Tyre Radial

SHI Vehicle Tube

Vehicle Tyre Bias Tyre


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